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an entrepreneur

@her work at UQ

​why is she called herself an entrepreneur?

Nurturing the dreams of herself and the dreams of those who shared her ambition, Helly found the business inspiration right from her love for the environment and trees.


Being in many roles in the business world, she always applies her belief and core values to every business that she participated in. She believes that every individual has their own strength and talent, the achievements will come if we let our belief and passion be the guide in the journey.


In every path that she walked by, everything always starts from her desire of creating a better world, healing the nature and building trust for the green and sustainable life ahead.

the yên concept

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​the yên concept

Cụ thể hơn đối với Yên, đó là sứ mệnh kết nối con người quay trở về với thiên nhiên, về với những điều căn bản nhất, đem lại giá trị cân bằng thông qua những sản phẩm cây và mô hình cây xanh.

“Sự ra đời của Yên Concept là kết quả của khát khao ươm mầm hạt giống và mong muốn mang lại giá trị cân bằng trong cuộc sống hiện đại. Với sứ mệnh này, Yên mang đến một lý tưởng sống mới thông qua các mô hình thiết kế xanh với nhiều giá trị nghệ thuật và thẩm mỹ, cũng như nỗ lực đem lại một không gian tươi mát, hài hoà, và tinh tế.” - Trích: The Yên Concept

For The Yen Concept, it is the mission to connect people back to nature, to the most basic things, bringing balance value through tree products and greenery models.

“The birth of Yen Concept is the result of a desire to cultivate seeds and a desire to bring about balanced value in modern life. With this mission, Yen brings a new living ideal through green design models with many artistic and aesthetic values, as well as an effort to bring a fresh, harmonious and sophisticated space. ” - Quote: Theyenconcept

​lại đây refill station


"Be the one who changes the way you want the world to change" - Quote: Gandhi.

With Lai Day, it is a stop for those who care about and care for nature, animals, and people. This is also a station to spread consumer habits: Refill - Reuse - Recycle.

“Lai Day Refill Station was established as a small initiative to reduce the amount of disposable plastic packaging or products that are difficult to decompose, including household products commonly found in homes, for both adults and children, or when taken away. Not stopping there, we also care about the ingredients found in each product. ” - Excerpt: Laidayrefillstation. 

​the heverly

the heverly

Helly Tong studied business at Macquarie University in Australia. When she was 19, she decided to come back to her motherland and started her own business, which was the conceptual lifestyle chain HEVERLY–a collection of clothing stores, restaurants, and coffee shops. However, the Heverly ended at last and left behind many thoughts in a young woman’s mind: Who is she? What is her nature? How can she contribute her works and passion for society?  

The best answers for her questions were properly becoming the founder of The Yen Concept and the co-founder of Lai Day Station. In 2016, Helly founded The Yen Concept where she evangelizes the idea of Green Living Space. In 2018, Helly founded Lai Day Refill Station, a place full of organic and sustainable products. The place is also a stop for those who have a passion for green lifestyle and environmental protection.  


The purpose of The Yen Concept and Lai Day Station is to inspire people to lead a sustainable life, connect with nature, and represent happiness between the green environment and human society.

As she once shared:

“My consistent core value in the business of Helly will always be arts and education. I believe that the final destination of every society in the world is #happiness. So she always doing her best to create connections between people and help them achieve different values in life through arts and education, especially in my home country – Vietnam”   

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