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“I’m just a small girl who carries big dreams" - Helly once thought. 

This thought came to Helly's mind when she was doubting herself and realizing the path that leads to her dream was full of difficulties and limitations. However, with the love from where she was born, the luck that she has gathered from every destination she went by and the touches from soul to soul, she has started to believe that little changes can also make big differences. 

As a fundraiser, Helly is actively involved in many social fundraising programs and afforestation campaigns.


After a few years of dedication under the shirt of an activist, Helly has contributed impressive achievements to fulfill the dreams of the nature-loving community, made great efforts to improve the environment, school and life's hardships.

​sống foundation

Joining the community in Sống Foundation, Helly decides to be the Head of Communication, aimimg to spread the awareness and the love for sustainability in green living for the current and next generations by real action in impactful projects toward the communities and the nature in Vietnam.

Sống Foundation, a sustainable community development project which has received many positive feedback and support from the local community as well as meaningful achievements for the people across Vietnam.

HAIO1093 copy.jpg

At present, Song Foundation has two outstanding programs with the immediate companion of Helly from the beginning of the launch:

hạnh phúc xanh


Hanh Phuc Xanh, was established because of a concern that the city would lose more and more of green spaces over time. Therefore, the program aims at spreading awareness about green, sustainable lifestyles to the people while implementing more campaigns and activities to plant more trees over the course of 70 years.

nhà chống lũ


Launched in 2013, Nha Chong Lu applies the co-design approach, that involves both the contribution of the architects from the organization and of the beneficiaries. The program aims to help the residents in affected areas around Vietnam, particularly providing safe, sustainable and resilient housing for the people in Central Vietnam.

events & milestones

• Diverse Campaigns from the two programs : One Tree Planting, Forest Symphony, Toward The Central (‘Huong Ve Mien Trung)
• Music Concert ‘Lu oi, chao mi!’ - Buổi hoà nhạc ‘Lũ ơi, chào mi!’ - fundraising art event to build resilient housing for households in flood-affected areas, in the period of 2020 - 2025.
• Online talkshow ‘Hieu hon mot chut ve mua Lu’ Understanding a little more about Floods’ in the context of the 'La Nina' phenomenon.
• Press conference to announce Nha Chong Lu-related activity at Dreamplex, Ho Chi Minh city.
• ‘Gieo - The Giving Magic’ event - Song Foundation Annual Gala in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh city
• Site-checking 8.5ha of plantation lands for Mangrove Trees in Vinh Chau, Soc Trang Province and Happy Village, Cu Lao Dung.


“be the change you wish to see in the world”

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