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Have you ever thought about perfection? 


I began in this wonder when our generation has two-gap. Once is before we have a chance to access the internet and know what's social media, and then we're living with it now. 


Why do I start with this question? I think that's why we are here, no matter whenever we are or which century we are living in because every existential question we have helps us reframe what you define words in the real worlds we are living. 


Perfection for me, in this fascinating world, is not:


- Someone who can do many things at the same time.

- Someone who achieved a lot of success.

- Someone with a good performance all the time.


Or what you have seen, for a moment. 


Every day, the "images" you look at someone on the social platform are only 1 to 2 hours per day or 22 hours per month and 264 hours per year. But 22 hours are left per day, 660 hours left in the month, and 7920 hours left in the year. And not including the time series, how a person has grown up, which is hard for us to know someone fully. 


To say, what is genuinely perfection of something, or someone. 


Because of the nature of the right, it is not right, but the process, thinking, and adjustment of wrongdoing.

Because of the nature of perfection, it is not perfection, but the process, regarding the adjustment of imperfections.


It is like a clean house, not suddenly clean, but needs awareness and labor to get to the destination.


The essence of perfection is not wrong, but I prefer complete.


Because just listening, I also feel enough.

But just enough, it is also a space that once forced people into years of ambition, choice, or suffering.







But if I were to define, for myself, about perfection, I would think of it as:


- Awareness

- Compassion

- Integrity


Because of all of the above, putting the number 9/10 alone is a lot of hard work and hardship.


- How do I know what I'm doing wisely?

- How do I know my compassion or love is in the right place?

- How do I know my choice is right? And without harming anyone?


There are so many questions, but the fact that people exist bear responsibility for themselves, their families, and the society in which people live has been an arduous journey that no one can measure (except God, I guess) 


But the destination here, sometimes just:


- The feeling in the heart is not entangled

- Feeling like I did the best I could

- Vibration feeling


I like the quote from Feng Zikai that:


"Compared to the grand universe, the vast world, the prosperous and diverse things, my experience is like a grain of sand in the Ganges River."


"I firmly believe that such a large number in the universe will dissolve all worries and torments in me."


To me, being a grain of sand, or a notebook, realizing it is like understanding the essence of a mathematical formula, but acknowledging the philosophy and humanity of nature is the destination of action. The program, learn to be human.


It can be as simple as 1+1=2

But sometimes it won't be straightforward, like A + B with C might not be a reasonable conclusion. 


Because in history, the past, or yesterday, and a minute ago would have been a series of repetitions in this unlimited time and space. 

You will realize that the more you know, the more you don't know to bring you back to a state of mind like German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche suggests "forbidden questions." 


To repeat itself, the questions, for the truth, opinion, and belief until we justified find ourselves in our world.

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