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Surely many people will be wondering how Helly can at the same time manage the workload and nurture a healthy body, mind, and soul?

The answer may be hidden somewhere here, in Co Tong, which is another name of Helly.


It also represents a place that she regains the balance and freedom within herself. In this world, she is a girl who is constantly curious and desires to go beyond her limits. She loves to write, loves musical instruments, and what belonged to the art world because that is where she found her connection with the inner person when her mind - soul, and body are harmonized.


She loves those moments, especially when she's meditating and it always makes her cultivate positive emotions and feels happier every time.

"The more I grow up, the more I realize that who I am in this life doesn't matter, what my role is to make myself carry the worries on my shoulders and lose all the moments. Happiness, losing your true nature, is not worth it.

For me, having the peace is when there is barely not a thought running through my head, just sitting in a corner and feel joy in my soul, looking at those trees in front of me for a while and then again, feeling it." - Co Tong

For those who wondering about the songs and melody, I've shared.  

Each playlist represents for my feeling on the journeys I have gone through, over time it gradually becoming residuals of emotions that cannot be expressed in words. Music is my kind of diary, which I can count on to record all the joys and nostalgia in the soul of a person who is always filled with emotions and consider music is a way to express everything.

For co Tong, books not only a friend but also a mentor. Because this friend always brings the best experience that can help me solve the puzzle in my head and connect my soul with the inner world inside me. 

Through #cotongread, I hope to arouse love for books to many friends so that we can become companions on the discovery of the intellectual, emotional and creative path. 

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