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I've been a vegetarian for almost a decade now. Some questions and problems pop up along the way; some of them even seem a little bit abstract.

I call them abstract because, in the past, the definition and concept of "vegetarian" were usually related to religious matters. If you were a "vegetarian" during this era, all of the foods that were made from animals or animal-related products were not allowed.

For me, when it comes to vegetarianism, I prefer the motivation rather than the eating method that people choose.

While many people come to vegetarianism for religious reasons, others choose this path simply for health improvement, the environment, opposing animal hunting and killing, etc. For most people, choosing this path is a very difficult decision, which is why I usually take time to talk to them about their health (both mental and physical), lifestyle, etc. before I can come up with the best advice that I can provide for each individual on their upcoming journey.

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Illustration from 'How to Vegan - Stephen Wildish​


every lifestyle requires patience and effort 

I know this changing journey is not easy at all.

There will be a lot of new options for you along this new journey. It's okay for you to "do the test," to try and fail so that you can understand what is best and what is not for you. Eventually, when you get it all tested, you'll be able to figure out what lifestyle you feel most comfortable with. That one will be the one where you can be happy and balanced at the same time.

During this "try and fail" process, each of us will have different outcomes. Therefore, I believe that it's important for us to establish the 21-day rule. This rule will allow our bodies to get used to the new habit. Besides, concentrating on the foundation of this new habit as well as the feelings of our bodies toward it will also make us less confused with the new changes.

here & now

Not only focusing on the present (the “here”), but the “now” is also a reminder to start right where you are, whether you think it's not ready or not enough.





It's OK if you always feel at ease in your comfort zone. However, if you decide to go, you may learn to face your anxieties and fear, cope with them, and grow as a person.


Starting with "why," rather than "what" or "how," will always take you to more effective, practical solutions and action than ever before.



The 80/20 rule would be a more feasible strategy, avoiding the "cut corners" situation to reach the desired outcomes quickly, which is what leads you to easily give up.


listen to yourself 

If you have to deal with a huge amount of information concerning diet plans or workout routine, why don’t you take a time to listen to yourself first?

When our brains are fatigued and bewildered by so many external distractions, reading the signals that are appropriate for us is similar to writing the line on the paper which is already full of text. The idea is as simple as starting over with a fresh sheet of paper or using a distinct writing instrument. Whatever the choice is, a certain level of awareness and self-understanding is acquired to remain consistent, persistent, and daily streamflow sequence for an extended period of time. So, does the body.

Being patient with your own journey and understanding your stamina, body's strengths, and weaknesses are the greatest ways to understand and take care of yourself. Then, you can decide, adjust and form your own ideas not only in a flexible manner but also with prepared tools even when going through a maze of issues.

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questions & answers regarding ​foods & exercise

How should I start a vegetarian diet?

To be honest, I tried a vegetarian diet in the past while I was in Australia, but I didn't have a specific plan and the vegetarian food was restricted. Even while đồ giả chay? (vegan-faked food?)   was available in Australia at the time, it was not tasty. So I concentrated on veggies, tofu, mushrooms, and legumes. Since then, I've been thinking about ways to develop savory recipes that are also vegetarian. In addition, I studied and watched several culinary documentaries from other nations, so my vegetarian cuisine handlist is more broad and full of nutritional ingredients.

I'm eating animal-related food and suddenly becoming a vegetarian. How can I convince my family about that?

Everyone has their own eating hobby. So it’s not suitable to force someone to have the same one as you. Even though we didn't live together, my family didn't understand and believe in my decision before. But because I eat properly, my body is mostly in good condition (touchwood), so I don't have to convince them anymore. However, if you still have to stay with your family, then you have to cook independently or ask your family to cook, but the meat and fish should be kept separately.

What is the protein requirement for men and women with different exercise intensities?

For sedentary people, according to DRI, an adult man (only sitting in an office) needs 56g of protein per day (equivalent to 0.8g of protein per kg of body weight). An adult woman needs 46g of protein (0.8g of protein per kg of body weight). For those who practice sports regularly, many studies from NCBI have proven that they should eat 1.3-1.6g of protein/kg of body weight to grow muscles and boost their immune system. In addition, you can add 10-15g of EAA to increase protein synthesis if you do not like it or if you are allergic to using whey protein.

Do you lose muscle on a vegetarian diet?

The answer is yes.

When changing to a vegetarian diet, the first barrier is a deficient amount of protein ingestion compared to the body's needs. Protein is made up of a combination of different amino acids. 20 types of amino acids, including 9 obligatory essentials must be ingested because the body requires them for muscle and body growth but cannot synthesize them. Without enough amino acids, muscle mass can not be built.

How can you maintain a vegetarian diet when hanging out with friends or meeting a partner?

Usually, when I put my mind to eating, it doesn't matter what the food is. That’s why I can easily have a meal with rice and vegetables today and a full meal the next day, at that time the mealtime atmosphere is the most important. Fortunately, there are more vegetarian dishes on the eatery ‘s menu in VietNam recently. And don't forget to ask for it, because in some cases the kitchen can make vegetarian dishes as your demand.

Do you need protein powder on a vegan diet and a workout routine?

The answer is Yes and Should.

Cells are created from raw materials, one of them is protein. Protein is the main component of bones, connective tissue, skin, nails and muscles of course. And plant-based proteins usually do not contain all essential amino acids, so are generally deemed "incomplete". In vegetarian diets, getting all the amino acids that the body needs by consuming rich plant-based food is encouraged.

What nutrients do people on a vegan diet and a workout routine need to supplement?

Iron, zinc, calcium, vitamins D, B12 (prevalent) and Omega 3 are some of the most common nutrient deficiencies in a vegan diet. Vitamin B12 should be supplemented with nutritional yeast with the recommended daily amount for both men and women is 2.4 micrograms/day. Mentioning Omega 3, you can consume more seaweed, algae or take Gac Oil Capsule (low cost & no fishy smell). As for iron, Iron Supplements (elemental iron) can be used.  Additionally, Vitamin C such as orange juice, kiwi, etc has been shown to enhance nonheme iron absorption. Taking Magnesium and D3 accompanied with K2 is also needed to strengthen calcium and limit the amount of thyroid hormone due to vitamin D3 deficiency.

So, how do vegetarians eat to get abs?

Doing right exercises, eating enough food, and taking  adequate rest.

A caloric deficit or maintaining a healthy calorie intake is the most important factor. More specifically, you need to control the amount of calories you take in every day, and adjust the portion size according to your goals. Whether it is an adjustment, it must be accompanied by the quality of the diet. An adequate amount of protein intake is essential to minimize muscle loss, support muscle recovery, increase BMR and TEF, and improve satiety.



how to vegan.jpeg
How To Vegan

How to vegan, có lẽ là một trong những cuốn sách thú vị nhất mình được đọc về các khái niệm, tên gọi bằng cách dùng sơ đồ tư duy, cùng những mẫu câu chuyện, facts, và hình vẽ sẽ giúp bạn hiểu được lựa chọn nào là bản thân của hiện tại và tương lai hướng đến.

Song song, bạn cũng sẽ thấy dễ đỡ hơn với mọi câu hỏi trừu tượng về “ăn chay" hoặc “hoàn cảnh, thành phần, dinh dưỡng” khi ăn chay.

Khởi sự ăn chay

Với sách của Đức, bạn sẽ hội tụ các kiến thức về dinh dưỡng từ thực phẩm chay, cũng như ý niệm ăn chay mà Đức cảm nhận được trên hành trình. Điều mình thích ở sách của Đức là sự chỉnh chu trong cách làm, lẫn trình bày và phong phú vì có cả món Việt và món Âu.

Với sách của Đức, bạn sẽ hội tụ các kiến thức về dinh dưỡng từ thực phẩm chay, cũng như ý niệm ăn chay mà Đức cảm nhận được trên hành trình. Điều mình thích ở sách của Đức là sự chỉnh chu trong cách làm, lẫn trình bày và phong phú vì có cả món Việt và món Âu.

Về nhà ăn cơm
30 món mứt ngon.jpeg
30 món mứt ngon của người Việt

Là tín đồ mê mứt, vậy nên đợt dịch rồi khi ở nhà, trong lúc ăn trái cây và có rất nhiều vỏ khác nhau, mình thấy thực sự thú vị khi được thử nhiều loại mứt khác nhau mà không phải bỏ đi. Vậy nên bạn nào lỡ vào bếp rồi thì có thể thử cùng lắm nha.

the story of food.jpeg
The Story of Food

Nhìn chung, chúng ta không thể từ chối được sự phụ thuộc của bản thân vào thực phẩm để sinh tồn trong lịch sử loài người. Và thú vị hơn ở cuốn sách không phải ẩm thực này, sẽ cho phép bạn bước vào thế giới quan về nguồn gốc thực phẩm chúng ta đang sử dụng mỗi ngày, thêm đó là các ý nghĩa mang góc nhìn xã hội, môi trường và thương mại giúp đọc làm rõ hơn về bức tranh về các ngành công nghiệp trong tương lai.

Một cuốn sách vừa đủ, với kiến thức không quá hàn lâm, nhưng có thể giúp bạn dễ dàng nắm các lớp lang kiến thức như bối cảnh lịch sử, địa lý, dinh dưỡng, công dụng.. 

speedy bosh.jpeg
Speedy Bosh!

Mình thì xưa giờ món ở đâu đều ăn được hết, và nhờ vậy mình sẽ dễ dàng bổ sung dinh dưỡng qua nhiều cách chế biến. Ở nước ngoài, ẩm thực chay thật sự rất đa dạng, dù xem ở nhiều nơi nhưng chắc Bosh là nơi mình thích xem nhất. Cuốn Speedy Bosh này có các công thức chay phương Tây, đặc biệt nhất là cooking hacks rất hay trong bếp mà bạn nào hay ở trong bếp sẽ rất thích nè.

ăn chay sống lành_edited.jpg
Ăn chay - Sống lành

Với sách của Nhi, bạn sẽ tìm được các công thức chay thuần Việt, như một mâm cơm chay Việt được trưng bày đẹp mặt, đến với account của Nhi bạn sẽ còn tìm thêm những bí quyết món chay khác nữa nè.

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