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Helly Tong



Helly is an Asian muse who originally comes from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


She was born on a beautiful summer, on the 14th of June. A true Gemini woman whose beauty comes from the natural inner value of themselves.


She is a role model of the female who is independent, educated, and social-oriented. 

Passionate about being a positive inspirator of change, Helly leads many meaningful discussion programs on education, society, and the environment.

Top brands and designers adore her, and her attitude is the inspiration for many young women who have the same ambition within her generation. 


She is currently working in a variety of roles and actively participate and contribute fully to the artistic industry, the future of the environment and for social community. 

  • Founder – CEO of The Yên Concept 

  • Co – Founder of Lại Đây Refill Station

  • Creative Impact Director of Sống Foundation 

milestones 2021
The Yên Concept
Sống Foundation

Main host of A Spark of Light Live/Podcast Series  

July 2021 - present

  • 2 seasons - main one & mid-autumn theme

  • over 10 guest- speakers with diverse perspectives around intriguing topics & fields of work (for example, time & space from architect Khoa Vu; a conscious thought from director-actress Kathy Uyen, etc.) 

  • 5,000 views per IGTV episode, in average 

Vietnam Australian School (VAS) Talks
  • 1st year (2019) - “VAS Greeneration” series 

  • 2nd year (2020) - “Sustainable Development” series 

  • 3rd year (2021) - “Renovation based on True Values” series with the participation of more than 6,000 students aged 8 - 18 (grades 3 - 12)

Head of Communications 

Feb 2020 - Oct 2021 (1 year 9 months) 


  • Mangrove Afforestation Project in Vinh Chau, Soc Trang

    • Milestone hit of 37,400 trees with 99% survival rate 

    • Documentary clip of Soc Trang’s first milestone in February 

    • Documentary clip of Soc Trang’s next milestone in September 

  • ‘Thanh That’ Afforestation Project in Thuan Nam, Ninh Thuan 

    • “Bo oi, minh di dau the?” teasing video, on the story and insights regarding the plantation area of the afforestation project in Ninh Thuan

    • Milestone hit of 41,000 trees in November 


Creative Impact Director 

Oct 2021 - present

#TogetherRecover campaign x Local Brands

November 2021 

an online campaign where Helly hopes to support local brands, whose values guide towards a green, sustainable future, while sharing to the community diverse choices of existing local products and solutions.


  • 5 Giveaway themes running in November only, with the participation of 28 qualified businesses ranging from health & beauty industries to fashion & creative endeavors. 

  • 25 total gifts (e-vouchers & gift-boxes) given out to winners

  • over 270 participatory comments in total, averaging about 50 participants per Giveaway post

A part of 
  • Have a Sip | #45 Every lifestyle needs effort ​


“...the most obvious thing about Helly Tong is probably described through the word ‘full’, the maturity in awareness and way of living, the fullness in love for herself and the surrounding community & her full satisfaction about life, because she knows who she is, what she needs and what is enough.” 


  • Dear Our Community | ESP 10 At the core of creativity lies compassion 

“The core values here that we all have are mission and compassion, yet there are two things, following these: first, do we identify this core value & secondly, do we actually take action. Only when we do, we are able to determine really what they are, or else, it is very abstract, something that we know we have but don’t know how to apply.”

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