"Where do you find your value the most?"

She is Tong Khanh Linh, but many people may find it more familiar with the name Helly Tong. She has a great love for nature, animals, and positive social values.


To nurture that love, she decided to plant three of her favourite seeds into this world: a seed her dreams, a seed that belongs to the mother of nature and the seed that unintentionally founded in her attempt to build a social connection that based on three different kinds of empathy which are cognitive, emotion and compassion. 

​fun facts

Few people don't know that Helly's childhood was full of beautiful dreams. When she was young and naive, she has dreamed of becoming many different characters:


Passionate about beauty, she once dreamed of becoming a fashion designer.


Passionate of freely experiencing in different lands, she used to dream of becoming a flight attendant.


Because she wanted to be cared for and shared with love, she once dreamed that she could become a teacher.


Currently, she has and continues to be those ideals, though not in the way she used to think ...

Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 01.07.27.png

People asked me a lot about how I looked like when I was a teenager, and I think this picture might showing you a bit of those time. I danced c-walk, riding a motorbike, always with oversize outfits, and looked like a tomboy. To me, I always believe that our life will be the richness of experience when we were in characters.

- Helly Tống

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